So often we have little thoughts or intuitive messages of what we should be putting our attention on or giving time to, but the normal day to day routine takes precedence and then becomes our default mode. The brain gravitates to patterns; it is just the way we are wired. This is beneficial in that it allows us to process and move throughout our day without a lot of mental concentration or effort, it’s called routine. It is a detriment though, when it comes to creating and moving toward new goals and dreams. The brain doesn’t think what is good for us, the brain defaults to what it is most used to thinking. So, it is counter intuitive to allow our lives to expand and unfold into new possibilities without practicing consciousness or mindfulness in order to redirect our thoughts, words, and actions. The point here is this – in order to make desired changes and create new direction in your life, you have to clearly decide:

What can I say, “NO MORE OF …”, so can say “YES to …”?

What is the highest possible intention for your life at this point in time? The answer to this question will allow you to begin discerning what you are doing in your life that is not supporting and feeding your highest possible intention. What can you let go of or stop doing, that will free up energy and time to make room for what you believe you should be doing, if it will actually move you towards your dreams and goal?

First  get clear on what you want to create, meaning – always start with your outcome in mind. Then develop integrity with your commitments to put into motion the actions that will support you on your journey to achieve your highest desires – which will always lead you to your JOY.

So, every time you say, “I should …”, let that be your queue to pause, check in and see if this is a guide post attempting to direct you towards action that is alignment with your highest intention. Living in alignment will offer you clarity around what exactly to let go of, in order to make room for actions that support what you most desire.bigstock-Changes-ahead-road-sign-38931736 (640x478)  The definitions below to assist you in creating alignment to achieve your dreams and goals:

INTENTION – To aim, guide, or navigate your life.
INTEGRITY – To be whole and complete.
PURPOSE – Your true essence; who you are passionate about being.
DREAMS – What you want, the life you desire; it’s the actual doing.
BELIEFS – What you hold to be true for yourself, not facts.

Dream on and Dream BIG. Don’t hold back.  Let life inspire you. Take Action.