I love how whenever  Simon Sinek, leadership expert is asked, “Do we need more women leaders?”, he answers, “I don’t know, but we definitely need more leaders that act like women.”

How do you interpret that?

The feminine, is not necessarily female, but let’s be honest here… women today have way more feminine strengths than men at this point in human evolution.  Most men are still dominant in masculine energy, with very little connection to their feminine.  Women are seeking and becoming more and more balanced between their masculine and feminine energy.  Feminine energy is creative, compassionate intuitive, empathetic, and collaborative.  So, there is no doubt that we definitely need way more of these traits in our leaders today.

Therefore I have to agree with Simon’s statement that we need more leaders that are feminine, because our greatest power comes from the heart and caring about others.  However, I believe that this shift in feminine leadership has to be led by women first… and men will then catch on.

If you want to learn more about how to wake up to your own feminine power, then take a listen to this powerful podcast I did with Sara Toybigstock-Silhouette-yoga-pose--9360527