12 Aug 2014
August 12, 2014

Soft Skills of Success

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I’ve been through so much over the last 20 years managing and ascending a career in corporate America, getting divorced, raising children, and then launching my own consulting business and just published my first book. I have so much I love to share and am so passionate about the key elements that I think are vital to anyone’s success. 

In traditional business, we tend to focus on developing what I call hard skills – business acumen, degrees, trainings that focus on technologies, organizational development, and formal sales and leadership training.  These are all great and needed skills, but there seems to be neglect in the business world when it comes to teaching skills that help create happiness and foster true connection in relationships. These tend to get lumped in the un-talked about “personal development” section of life, but isn’t career and work a huge apart of your life?  We are one person and if you are attempting to be two different people between work and home, then life will be stressful!

So, what are some soft skills?cRTWEEL1

#1 Authenticity and Transparency

People like to do business with people they like and trust and the best way to be likeable and trustworthy is to be simply YOU.  Don’t pretend you are perfect, let your guard down, show you are human and be ubber transparent with your expectations and desires.  Be the true you, be Sincere, be Imperfect.  It makes us all more approachable and then when we truly connect in a common humanity.

#2 Vulnerability

It’s a strength, not a weakness.  You have to be brave to be vulnerable, to allow yourself to be truly seen.  Creativity and Innovation flourish in cultures without fear of judgment, blame, shame, or failure.  Innovation is only possible when you feel free to brainstorm new possibilities and that it is okay to take risks and fail.  Vulnerability is living the truth of who you are and sharing it with the world.

#3 Confidence

Decisiveness and resiliency are keys to playing big, meaning taking action and taking risks.  Courage is foundational, feeling fear and taking action anyway.  Failing and then being resilient to keep going after what you want, actually builds confidence.  You and your organization will benefit when you take a confident approach. So, step out.  Feel the fear and saddle up anyway!

Of all the years carrying a quota for large corporations, I never focused on the money or hitting my number.  I focused on right action and developing great relationships.  My success came to me with ease. Now that I am living my passion, the magic is even more apparent in my life.

Living your life with confidence, vulnerability, and transparency will always lead you to a happier you. When you pursue happiness, success is certain to follow.  Somehow we  get this backwards; we pursue success in hopes of finding happiness.  Try putting your focus on being the true you, the happy joyful you.  Joy is your birthright and your natural state of being.  Happiness is where the magic is found and success will flow naturally.