Executive Coaching with a Twist

The more…vulnerable, available, and authentic we become, the more our brilliance shines through.

My role as a coach is not to give you answers, but to ask the right questions to guide you in learning how to tune in and discover your own inner wisdom.

Lisa Marie JenkinsI will help you identify the thoughts or limiting beliefs that create suffering, dissatisfaction, or hold you back from living the life you desire. I will support you in discovering your true desires through dialogue, exploration, body awareness, and self-inquiry. You will develop Courage, Clarity, and Confidence to take action, learn to make better choices, and take control of your life.  My goal is to be the most efficient and effective coach during our time together. I will always come from a place of non-judgment and provide a safe place for you to speak freely and openly.

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Every session will help you dig deeper to help you emerge and align with your authentic-self.  It is a process with varying levels of awareness happening each time.  You will learn to observe yourself with compassion and kindness, not criticism and find the courage to take risks, move forward and play big!  It’s about becoming whole, not perfect. Courageously own your power and living from your authentic-self!

Transformation ~ Emerge & Align with your Authentic, Courageous, and Powerful Self!