I am so tired of the equality discussion.  What I really care about and want to know is:  As a woman are you prepared to lead and most importantly, lead from your heart? The important questions to ask should be something more like this…
“As a manager, am I bringing out the best in people?”
“Am I doing what I love and am passionate about every day?”…and if not, “How can I get there?”
Service and true leadership come from the heart and the body, not the brain and intellect.

I met Magdalena Bak-Maier in line for lunch at the recent Emerging Women Live Conference. She teaches mind heart connection to NASA engineers. Yep!  Mind Heart connection to engineers!  She herself has engineering credentials and has a book coming out that is going to rock tradition when it comes to how we revere the brain. I love her work! Check out her TEDx Talk below to find out what the mind heart connection is all about and why it is so important.

Bridging heaven and earth, is all about the mind and heart connection. There is a common saying yoga teachers use when queuing poses in class – “Root to Rise”.  It is metaphor between the physical and the emotional, meaning we have to be fully rooted in our foundation to truly rise with grace. Feet firmly planted on the earth, will allow our hearts to rise to the heavens.  It is a way of becoming a channel or an instrument for something far beyond intellect. We are all meant to serve and express our love to the world, yes even in business. Why that is still so foreign in the business world blows me away!  We are all humans and therefore emotionally driven.  We spend so much time harvesting the left brain, our intellectual abilities, yet hardly any time on what I call the soft skills of leading.  We have to start addressing and developing the whole being, not just intellect.  Our ability to connect to others is what fosters communication and allows creativity to flow.

Emotional intelligence – Empathy, Compassion, Collaboration, Authenticity –  is what makes great leaders!
It’s not possible to lead and serve from your head. A great leader does it by being fully embodied and present. If we really need to talk about the “women thing”, then let’s change the conversation to how important our role is as women to change leadership to come from the heart. Women already have the advantage when it comes to emotional intelligence and tuning into our hearts. Our role is to lead change by transforming how we all work, lead, and live, which benefits everyone.

Your heart is your greatest wisdom and your brain is only meant to carry out the heart’s directions.