Imagine navigating 1000’s of kilometers in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to small islands in a canoe without modern day navigation tools.  The ancient Polynesian Wayfinders did just that by using only the stars, the moon, the sun, the clouds, birds, and water swells to navigate their way.  This is pure wisdom, the ability to be completely present and deeply connected with the environment. Today in modern society, we can barely back out of our driveways without a back-up camera or find our way across town without GPS.  Convenient, yes.  However, it takes us further and further away from being present to our environment, trusting our own instincts and tuned in to our own inner wisdom.

As 21st century human beings we are constantly inundated with endless data and seem to be on a non-stop quest for more information.  Our brains never seem to really turn to the busyness of consuming more information, listening to the non-stop chatter of the mind and the constant consumption of technology.  This is no doubt one reason why insomnia has become an epidemic and pharmaceuticals now a necessity for many to sleep.

We revere the left brain, our intellect, we harvest the left brain in children as their only real value.  We keep them so scheduled studying, with lessons, and thru endless sports and activities, and most of their play is only done thru a hand-held device.  Children have forgotten how to play, explore and just be!

In our data driven society, our right brain or creativity and our hearts become more and more idle and inaccessible.  We have come to believe that only academic accomplishments or the mighty dollar are the holy grail of happiness.

Yet true wisdom is our greatest power and strength.  Does the average American even know what “wisdom” means? 

According to Psychology Today

“Psychologists tend to agree that wisdom involves an integration of knowledge, experience, and deep understanding that incorporates tolerance for the uncertainties of life as well as its ups and downs. There’s an awareness of how things play out over time, and it confers a sense of balance. It can be acquired only through experience, but by itself, experience does not automatically confer wisdom. Only now are researchers beginning to look into the social, emotional, and cognitive processes that transmute experience into wisdom.

Wise people generally share an optimism that life’s problems can be solved and experience a certain amount of calm in facing difficult decisions. Intelligence—if only anyone could figure out exactly what it is—may be necessary for wisdom, but it definitely isn’t sufficient; an ability to see the big picture, a sense of proportion, and considerable introspection also contribute to its development.”

You can’t develop wisdom online, from social media or in a classroom.  Wisdom can only be developed by being still, turning inward, meditating, processing emotion, and taking the time to reflect on our behavior, actions and decisions.  Spending time in nature and in creative flow is play and play is how we access our true wisdom.  Play is joy.  Trying hard to succeed at anything will never work as well as having fun.

Think of the body as a compass or your emotional GPS.  We all have this inner wisdom, but most of us have never been taught how to access it.  We have come to rely on the mental for everything.  Thinking is not wisdom, nor does it have the capacity to be our best guide in life.  Thinking comes from the left brain and the left brain is only a giant database or collection of everything we have memorized or information we have stored.  Some of us simply have more capacity than others or IQ.  It’s why I am not capable of being a rocket scientist and others are.  This doesn’t mean they are wiser than me, happier than me, or more fulfilled than me.  It only means they have more left brain capacity to store and recall information than me.  Emotional intelligence or EQ is our guide to a life full of joy and fulfillment.

Did you know the heart actually sends more electrical magnetic signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart?  The heart is intelligent and the heart is our greatest source of wisdom.

It has now been scientifically proven that the heart has its own unique brain, with 40,000 specialized cells.  The heart does way more than pump blood as many believed.  The heart is the first organ to form and it is still unknown how it begins to pump on its own by scientist.  However, the pumping of the heart is what then sparks the chemistry for the creation of the brain.  The brain is the not the master as we have all been led to believe.  The heart is our master and the brain is our dutiful servant to bring our inspiration into action.

I encourage you to check out Gregg Braden and the Heart Math Institute to learn how to harmonize the heart and brain, as we often disconnected from our hearts and live only by the brain. (

“A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.”
– Robert Bulwer-Lyttona

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”
– Dr. Joyce Brothers

“Only do what your heart tells you.”
– Princess Diana

“Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.”
– Oprah Winfrey

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
– Albert Einstein

Tuning into our own innate wisdom happens only when we learn to be still, present in our body, and fully connected to our heart.  This requires being present.  There is no mistake that the words present and gift are synonymous, as being present to yourself and others is the greatest gift we can offer anyone. This is your path to peace, fulfillment, love, and joy.  The Heart is the Feminine or inner wisdom, the Brain is the Masculine or action, and combined they create the divine child or Joy.