14 Oct 2015
October 14, 2015

Are Your Emerging?

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To emerge as human beings means to manifest, to come into knowing and being through transformation. Life’s purpose is to transform into our greatest potential and to claim a life of joy and abundance. So if that’s true, why is there so much suffering on our planet? Why do so many human beings fail to thrive?

I recently read this alarming statistic in the book Daring Greatly by Brene’ Brown:  ” From the invasion of Afghanistan to the summer of 2009, the US military lost 761 soldiers in combat in that country. Compare that to 817 who took their own lives over the same period. And this number doesn’t account for deaths related to violence, high-risk behaviors, and addiction.”  (Source: Parrish, K. (2001), Battaglia calls reducing suicides a top priority. American Forces Press Service. US Department of Defense. Harrell, M., and Berglass, N. (2011). Losing the battle: The challenge of military suicide. Center for New American Security Policy Brief)

We appear to be the only animal species on earth that will take our own lives due to suffering and desperation, feeling there is no way out except physical death. The one major differentiator between humans and other animals is language, words. We use language to tell ourselves stories about what something means and there always is a story we tell ourselves about ourselves with words in our minds. Humans often identify with thought, believe in thought, and heavily invest in thought, as if those thoughts are our truth. Thinking is the soundtrack of our minds, yet usually goes unnoticed. Yet, it is necessary to become consciously aware of our thoughts in order to create a life we love and emerge into our true-being.

The Quality of Your Thought is a Measure of Your Power – Robert Collier

Evidence shows that our brain doesn’t think what is best for us, the brain thinks what it is used to.  “We humans, it seems, have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. But according to some research, as many as 98 percent of them are exactly the same as we had the day before.”  Talk about creatures of habit! Even more significant, 80 percent of our thoughts are negative!

According to Janelle White, M.D., when you change thought patterns it can take 3 weeks to 3 months for the brain to catch up, meaning the time it takes for new thought to become the default of what the brain thinks and wants. Long term thought patterns can literally become hardwired in the brain. You are what you think, thoughts have energy, and energy follows attention. In other words, the thoughts you give your attention to, consciously or unconsciously, create your experience in life. The outside world is a direct reflection of your inner world.buddha gaze

Meditation, stillness is the best way to become aware of your thoughts. This is the practice of observing thought as a witness and then cancelling and replacing negative thoughts that deplete energy. Finding balance, harmony, and purpose is one’s life allows our inner energy to continue no matter what the outer circumstances.

Studies have found that yoga and meditation have helped vets with PTSD even when therapy and drugs failed. There is no doubt that mindful meditation is on the rise in western cultures. The reason is simple, it allows us to create a life with more peace and harmony.

Pain and lessons in life are inevitable, suffering however is optional. It is rarely the actual events in life that cause our suffering, but our thinking about those events that create suffering. It is the story we tell ourselves about what a particular event means. The biggest indicator that you are not seeing life or an event from a perspective of truth, is that you are experiencing suffering. Change your thoughts, change your energy, and your life follows.

Our purpose in life is to be present, unidentified with thought by becoming mindful, which will allow us to EMERGE – manifest a life desired, come into knowing oneself from the highest truth, and transform through our core being, and ultimately live in alignment with our spirit.